From: Art Lover #1 — Curate, Collaborate, Connect

Carlos Gómez, CEO & Founder of Cultions, explores the essence of art's impact, emphasizing the importance of every artwork, from the celebrated to the unseen. Through a passionate call for visibility, sharing, and connection within the art world, he invites readers to discover the stories and emotions behind each piece, underscoring the value of art beyond the visual, to curate, collaborate, and connect.

From: Art Lover
From: Art Lover
The Most Coveted Jewel in History

A journey through the halls of the Prado Museum unveils the captivating odyssey of the Peregrine Pearl, from its discovery in Panama to being adorned by monarchs and stars. This gem, which traverses centuries and borders, epitomises the wealth and mystery of history, gracing both kings and cinema icons alike.

Expert Insights
Expert Insights
Curated Talks w/ Carla Fuentes

Carla Fuentes, acknowledged by Taschen as an exceptional illustrator and plastic artist, delves into her artistic process through ten insightful questions. She discusses her inspirations, the unique beauty of Payne's grey, and the emotional richness of her work. By highlighting her notable collaborations and personal influences, Fuentes offers a peek into the core of her distinguished creativity.

Curated Talks
Curated Talks
The Nursing Virgins in the Workshop of the Macip Family

The Macip family's workshop in 16th-century Valencia revolutionised the production of devotional art. Under Vicent Macip and Joan de Joanes, they generated multiple versions of religious icons, balancing economic success with innovation and tradition.

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