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Curated Talks w/ Teresa J Cuevas

Teresa J Cuevas, merging architecture with art, unveils her creative process and inspirations in a candid Q&A session. She discusses her architectural influences, the significance of white, and the pursuit of peace through her art, offering a glimpse into her artistic journey and personal growth.

Curated Talks
Curated Talks
Curated Talks w/ Teresa J Cuevas



March 13, 2024
5 min

Curated Talks w/ Teresa J Cuevas marks another enriching chapter in our series, where we engage with luminaries from the spheres of art, design, technology, and architecture. Their work not only captivates us but their perspectives on life inspire. This series isn't just an exploration of their achievements; it's an invitation to understand their muses, what excites them, and their view of the world.

Returning for another insightful session, Teresa J Cuevas, born in Madrid in 1988, brings a rich architectural background to her art. Her experiences working in South Korea with artist Jinnie Seo and at One o One Architects deeply inform her creative process. These four years of crafting residential buildings, monumental installations, opera stages, and luxury showcases have imbued her work with an Asian influence that's immediately apparent. After transitioning to a full-time artist in 2015, Teresa has been constantly evolving, culminating in the creation of her own studio/gallery in Madrid in 2021, where she continues to create and exhibit. Through ten thought-provoking questions, Teresa shares her journey, offering insights into her dual exploration of the natural world and the inner self.

1—If you could only keep one of your works, which would it be?

It varies over time, but right now, it would be a small white piece made from a dress I had as a little girl. It's not just about the meaning of the piece, but because it has accompanied me in every studio I've been in. It always reminds me of the origin of everything and the child within me who helps me paint fearlessly when I need it the most.

2—Which historical artist would you like to spend a day with in their studio?

I would love to spend a day in Louise Bourgeois' workshop. Louise was the founder of confessional art, interpreting her deepest feelings and experiences in her works. I imagine her as a strong woman, with a vast life experience, interesting and cultured. With great resilience, and also a high mastery in different techniques.

3—In a world limited to one colour, which would you choose?

White, because it contains all colors. For me, it is light, purity, a fresh start, imagining, and moving forward... any other color would condition my mood too much. With white, I can be myself.

4—A film that resonates with you.

(A tough one!), "Good Will Hunting"

5—Any book you would recommend?

"Between Them" by Richard Ford, especially for the impact it has had on my life recently.

6—What plays in your studio while you're creating?

Lately: Silence (with noise canceling), ocean waves, Valeria Castro, podcasts.

I go through phases, the music goes with the work.

7—Where do you find inspiration for your works?

In everyday life, in nature, in therapy, in watching my children grow, traveling, loving...

8—If your work could be summarised in one emotion, what would it be?


9—Nominate an artist we should know about.

Carla Cascales.

10—What question would you leave for the next guest?

What leads you to discover a new technique?

As we wrap up our session with Teresa J Cuevas in Curated Talks w/, we've gained valuable insights into how art can reflect our emotions and life experiences. We look forward to discovering more stories from inspiring individuals like Teresa.

To discover more about her work, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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